Eng (Sambo) Boris

PhD Student in Computer Science at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris Nord (Université Paris 13, France)


Hello, I’m Boris. I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Université de Villetaneuse Paris 13 (Team LoVe, LIPN). My aim is to understand the nature of Logic and Computation and their underlying mechanism. I would like to free knowledge from prejudices and biases as much as possible. I am sensitive to problems regarding education, critical thinking, beliefs, misinformation and the spreading of knowledge/information. I would like to be able to speak over 10 languages, to travel around the world and to be able to clearly convey my thoughts and ideas (and if possible to be rich and famous). But I have to understand what I’m doing and studying in the first place.



Degree School
current PhD in Computer Science (Team LoVe, LIPN) Université Paris 13
M2 Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI) Université Paris 7
M1 Informatique Recherche (IR) Université Paris 7
L3 Informatique (Rang 2, Rang 1) Université Paris 7
DUT Informatique (Rang 1) IUT de Montreuil
Baccalauréat Technologique STI2D (Mention Bien) Lycée Dorian


Description Advisor Documents
current From the Geometry of Interaction to the Transcendental Syntax Thomas Seiller (Paris 13 / LIPN) reportslidessubject
Space-complexity of the lambda-calculus with intersection types Damiano Mazza (Paris 13 / LIPN) reportslides
Simulation of PCF with explicit substitutions in MELL proof nets Michele Pagani and Delia Kesner (Paris 7 / IRIF) report
Formalization of formal guarantees of security on programs using Coq Yannis Juglaret (Inria Paris / PROSECCO) reportslidessource

Full Curriculum Vitae

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